Book Finds Ahoy!

Before I even knew of Borders’ financial implosion last summer, I had already started exploring other big-box book retailers.

Barnes & Noble was always kind of my second choice, anyway. My relatives always give me gift cards for there, but as the nearest store is 20 minutes away from my house, I’ve recently moved to buying online.

Books-A-Million, now the B&N to B&N’s Borders, is somewhat of a new discovery for me. I first found one on vacation last year and every time I’ve gone into one, I’ve always found some pretty awesome deals.

Today was no exception. I went to a new one at a mall near my house today and here is what I found.

First,  for $6, the trade paperback of The Last Resort, a fun, bloody, raunchy romp of a zombie thriller.

I’d heard good things but this was really an impulse purchase. Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are big faves of mine, thanks to their stellar work on Jonah Hex and now the equally exemplary All-Star Western for DC Comics; I’ll read pretty much anything they do. I’m not that far on it yet, but Giancarlo Caracuzzo’s art is extraordinary. It’s a really striking, painterly look that gives everything a neat haze but is still very clear. So far, I’m digging it.

Second, and I consider this the best bargain, also for $6, Transformers Spotlight: Revelations!

I’m a huge Transformers fan, and IDW’s comics about the original G1 continuity have been pretty great (the bits I’ve read anyway). I came into this series pretty late and it’s pretty hard to try and catch up from the beginning. That’s true of really any long-running comic, but it’s harder when you’re not one of the Big Two publishers. I’m excited for this one.

Finally, for about $8, this prose book was a nice find. I’m only a recent fan of Stephen King, but everything of his I’ve read, I’ve enjoyed. I only own novels, so it was nice to find a short story collection.  Stephen King Goes to the Movies, I think, is a nice one.

There’s 5 novellas here and all of them have been turned into movies or segments of movies, like everything King has ever written and will ever write ever. “Children of the Corn” is here, so is “Rita Heyworth and Shawshank Redemption” (The Shawshank Redemption) and some others. What really made me grab this is that King gives his thoughts on the film version before we read the story.

So yeah, for a little over $20, this was a nice haul. There will be reviews of all of these soon-ish, maybe. I have a lot of other posts planned and things to write about. Plus, a billion other books to read.

The troubles of a bookworm, folks. The troubles of a bookworm.


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