Not a huge fan of Morgan Spurlock (his one-hour Simpsons documentary a few years back was just tedious) but this seems interesting.

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When word spread that Morgan Spurlock was making a documentary about Comic-Con International there was a reflexive shudder in the fanboy nation — Spurlock’s keen camera already had zoomed in on overeating (“Super Size Me”), subtle social shunning (“Freakonomics”) and well-known cave-dwellers (“Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden”) and, well, you can see where that line of thought leads.

It turns out they had nothing to worry about. “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope,” which opens Thursday in limited release, sets its phasers on sentimental. Spurlock has made an 88-minute movie that is, by his own admission, sweet, earnest and respectful of the pop culture tribes who gather every year at Comic-Con, the annual pop culture expo in San Diego that attracts 130,000 people with its celebration of toys, sci-fi, fantasy, spectacle films and comics.

For Spurlock, a 41-year-old West Virginia native, this was a movie saluting the…

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