Sometimes, the critics are right

Happy Good Friday/Easter weekend, everybody!

I said yesterday in my post about Transformers: Prime that sometimes, you can’t judge media by its outward appearance. Tonight, however, I learned sometimes you can.

I’ve been working my way through the Godfather trilogy with my dad these past couple weeks. They’ve been on my must-see list for a while now, and I figured, what with the 40th anniversary of the first film being this year, and the trilogy being broadcast repeatedly on AMC for a week, that now was a good time to watch.

The first two films are lauded as some of the best of all time and rightfully so. They are absolute masterpieces of storytelling, Part I a little more than Part II for me.

Part III, which I’m working through right now? Well, being at around the halfway point, I don’t know. But I do see some problems.

For one thing, the new characters introduced just aren’t all that compelling. The plot threads are, at times, confusing. But the biggest problem?

That would be Sofia Coppola‘s much derided performance as Mary Corleone, son of Al Pacino’s character Michael. Now, I know she’s come into her own in the ensuing years as a screenwriter and film director but I gotta say, her performance here is just…bad.

She delivers her lines with almost no nuance at all and can’t really emote. On top of that, the storyline the film appears to be going in at where I’m at (Mary falls for her first cousin Vincent) is a little creepy for me.

I don’t think it’ll really affect how I view the trilogy as a whole, but as to how I view this film? Well, I ain’t gonna recommend it.


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