Thank You, Europe…

For coming up with, then proving the value of, Spotify. I mean, this thing is brilliant!

I just downloaded it through Facebook on Sunday and I love it already. Admittedly, the banner ads that pop up are quite annoying, but you get used to it.

The playlist function is also quite nice. Simple point-and-drag stuff, similar to iTunes, yet it just feels more intuitive somehow.

I only have a couple playlists right now, but they’re growing fast. It’s great how I’m finding not only tracks I’ve been wanting to listen to for a while (like Mutemath’s radical reinterpretation of the original Transformers theme) and tracks I never knew existed (like a phenomenal live edition of this already-great track by Andrew Bird).

If I didn’t have a non-smartphone and have a constant stubborn desire not to upgrade, I’d get Spotify Mobile, but for now, I’m content. Besides, my laptop has Beats Audio, so it’s great-sounding anyway.

Curiously enough, though, I haven’t actually listened to Dr. Dre or any other rap/hip-hop artist since downloading Spotify.  I should do that, probably starting with this…

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