Exciting Things!

So, found some exciting things on the Internet today. And here they are…

1. Moviebob, who is one of the coolest critics working today, has a roundup of the L.A. Premiere buzz for The Avengers and, according to him, all the buzz is good! This makes May 4 even more exciting for me now.

2. Don Figeuroa–a Filipino comic book artist who made his name doing a ton of Transformers comics in the last decade, has a new comic/toyline, Armarauders: The Last Battalion out in conjunction with Mecha Workshop. Supposedly, the actual toys are out now, but all I could find is this bit of news from Big Kids Big News, which spells out the line and shows the first 7-page webcomic.

Figeuroa is one of my favorite comic book artists: he has a kinetic eye for action and manages to keep things both frenzied and comprehensible in his TF work, so I’m excited to see what he can do with an original property.

3. The AV Club has a news release from Little Brown & Co. revealing the title, release date, and plot synopsis of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s first novel for adults.

Honestly, this is the biggest news of all. Rowling, due to her status as one of the richest people alive, didn’t need to write another book at all after Potter wrapped, so I’m just happy that she is.

On top of that, the info looks promising too–a English small-town is rocked by a town council member’s death and the subsequent battle over his seat–so this is definitely something I’ll be writing about in the future.


3 comments on “Exciting Things!

  1. Abby Zwart says:

    I’m gonna be honest here, Tom — Rowling’s books sounds SO BORING. A small town murder mystery? Wow, how creative. It sounds like something nobody would pick up if it didn’t have her name on it.

    Props to her, though, for even writing something else. Were I an author of her status, I would be terrified to write anything for fear that everyone would hate it because it wasn’t like Harry Potter, or they would just buy it and read it because it had my name on it, not because it was good writing.

    • tomspeelman says:

      Well, Abby, you got to remember, the magical kid thing didn’t sound like it’d have a lot of life in it either…which is why Sorcerer’s Stone didn’t get published for so long. It was Rowling’s writing that made it work so well, and I think the same will happen here.

  2. Abby Zwart says:

    Hm. Do you actually think she is a good writer? Stylistically, I mean. The storytelling and characters of HP are masterful, obviously, but her style doesn’t do anything for me. I know HP is a kid’s series and doesn’t call for a lot of meandering sentences or big words, but she’s going to have to really beef up her style and voice in an adult novel.

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