A Word About Honors…

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of presenting at the 6th Annual Grand Rapids Student Honors Conference a paper I had written about Disney comic great Carl Barks. (More on him soon.) It was a fun, exciting experience that left me feeling very gratified that others took joy in watching me present my research.

Then, tonight, I was invited to the Honors Convocation at my college because I made the Dean’s List. I went and while it wasn’t really an event for me so much as for the seniors who are graduating with honors in a month or so, but it was still a nice event.

Both these events were interesting to me because I’m not all that smart academically. I suck at math, foreign languages are hard, and, well, frankly, if it’s not interesting, I probably won’t do that good at it.

But to not only make Dean’s List my first year of college–something a few of my friends didn’t even do–but have my scholastic achievement acknowledged by being invited to present my research for a city-wide conference? That’s pretty great.


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