The Avengers!!!!

Wow. Just WOW.

I’m lucky to have grown up in the age of the geek. Some of my earliest memories are of watching Batman: The Animated Series, the best cartoon ever made. I’ve seen superhero movies and TV shows, good and bad, come through. I’ve seen comics go from a niche item to something cool and even taught about in universities.

It takes a movie as great, as impactful, as astounding, and as marvelous as The Avengers to appreciate how far we’ve come. Even 10 years ago, a movie like this would have never EVER gotten made. But in the age of the geek, all things are possible.

Of course, the film’s big gun is its writer/director, nerd god Joss Whedon, who, thanks to this film possessing the highest opening-weekend box office gross of all time, will now get every project he wants greenlighted without exception. Far from phoning it in and caving to committee crafting, Whedon does a fine job directing some of the clearest action sequences I’ve ever seen and lets his fantastic screenplay-which, by my reckoning, will win a Hugo, Nebula, Satellite, and pretty much any other award sci-fi/fantasy culture will throw at it-shine through brightly, with his trademark humor and strong character sense intact.

The cast is just astonishing=Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Scarlett Johannson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smaulders, Tom Hiddleston, and ESPECIALLY Mark Ruffalo are all marvelous, bringing these outlandish characters to life.

The music is great, the effects are great, the art direction is great, the cinemetography is great. EVERYTHING. IS. WONDERFUL!!!!

I implore you, go see it as soon as you can. If you can, splurge on the IMAX 3D. It is totally worth it.

Sorry for making this so emotional, but it’s late and I am positively elated. Now to go read Avengers comics! Later!


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