Blowing off a bit of steam and apologies

So remember how last week,  I said this blog would be regularly updated Mon.-Wed.Fri.?

Obviously, that didn’t happen. And I’m sorry it didn’t. See, on Thursday, I started a new summer job and like any summer job, this job has an adjustment period.

This is the toughest job start I’ve ever had. It’s not super high pressure–my boss and his staff are great, as is everyone I’ve met so far–but it’s pretty taxing. I worked a lot over the weekend and had a lot to do for it today, so I got pretty strung out over the last few days.

SO again, very sorry I made bad on my promise. I will try to be more diligent in the future about posting.

A few things I’ve discovered have helped me to relax about my current situation.

Firstly, and most importantly, the trailer was finally released for the film version of Stephen Chobsky’s wonderful book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s a wonderful trailer for what looks to be a good film of a classic book.

Bit of history: Stephen Chobsky, best known for creating the cult-hit-I’ve never seen TV series Jericho, wrote the book, which is a series of letters from a boy named Charlie to an unnamed recipient,  in 1999 for MTV Books (yes, MTV had a book imprint once, in the P.S. era (Pre-Snooki)). In the book, Charlie describes the strange, horrible and wonderful sides of his freshman year of high school. I read it when I was in 7th grade and it defined not only my conception of young adult literature, but how I dealt with high school as a whole.

So yeah, excited. Oh and it’s also the first post-Harry Potter movie Emma Watson’s made. So yeah, a LOT of people are going to see this just for that; but seriously, read the book first. You will not regret it.

The other things I’ve discovered? Well, the webcomic-ish thing called Zen Pencils. The artist, Gavin Aung Than, did a bit from Neil Gaiman’s recent University of the Arts of Philadelphia commencement speech, which you should look up too, and he has a link to it below his awesome awesome image.

And finally, a lot of fun book things are coming out from several publishers, which you can read about here from one of my favorite bloggers, Greg Hatcher.

Like this big collection of essays coming out soon about Joss Whedon, the guy what madethe highest-grossing movie of all time:

Expect to see this guy’s face a lot in the news soon.

So yeah, all these things are fun, and finding out about them helped me relax. Wednesday: a post, any post, I promise!


2 comments on “Blowing off a bit of steam and apologies

  1. Jon Hielkema says:

    The Avengers, while inordinately successful, is not the highest-grossing film of all time, domestically or internationally. In non-adjusted terms, Titanic and Avatar are both still ahead. And it would probably barely scratch the ticket sale records of a film like Gone With the Wind, which still holds the record for highest gross adjusted for inflation.

    That said, I have yet to see The Avengers (or Marvel’s The Avengers, as it’s being advertised in theaters around my area) and it appears as though I will miss its run in local theaters, though I’m not exactly losing sleep over it. Keep up the posting, though. I like coming here and reading.

    • tomspeelman says:

      Thanks for the reply, Jon! I must admit to being guilty of the crime of hyperbole, but I was tired, needed to post, and didn’t think about looking the box office info up.

      And glad you’re still reading! It makes me happy.

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