Not too sure about this

Unless you’ve been living under the world’s biggest rock, you know about the Penn State scandal. And you know about Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant coach turned charity founder who used the money and goodwill his charity of helping underprivileged young boys attend athletic camp to sexually abuse at least 10 of them. That is just  sickening and evil.

But because Sandusky was connected to Penn State football and head coach Joe Paterno, who singlehandedly MADE Penn State the enormous NCAA football-funded powerhouse it is today from its small agricultural school origins, nobody said one damn thing. Not even when then-graduate assistant, now-assistant coach Mike McQueary walked in on Sandusky in the showers raping a 10-year old boy, not one of the higher-ups at any level did a damn thing about it. And that’s just flat-out VILE.

Sandusky, charged with 40 counts of sex crimes and continuing to play his “I’m-just-a-helpful-old-man-who-touched-kids-in-the-good-athletic-way” shtick even NOW, had his grand jury for his trial picked out today. According to this ESPN article, he even joked with two media correspondants, asking “How’d you get stuck with me?” Mr. Sandusky, you are the world’s biggest a**hole right now. AND you better know that.

I’m half incensed about the news of the grand jury selection because of the 12 jurors, seven of them and four alternates have direct connections to Penn State. But I’m also half optimistic because maybe, with the help of the other non-directly connected jurors and the damning mountain of evidence of both the abuse and the cover up, these jurors will finally have it sink in that Sandusky not only “besmirched [Penn State itself and the community around it] in such a profound way,” to quote law professor Bruce Antkowiak in the article, but is, in fact, evil of the purest form and should rot as much as the law can make him.

Ball’s in your court, judicial system. Don’t mess this up.

Oh, and do yourself a favor, readers. Go read this article that broke the story by the Pennsylvania-based, Penn State alum Sara Ganim for The Patriot-News, then read the rest of her coverage. She’s just 24 and has already won the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting for her coverage and will almost certainly win another. She’s a key witness in the trial and is without a doubt the best source for finding out just what the Penn State scandal is about. It is without question the most important news stories you will ever read this year.



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