On Arrow

Hey everyone, hope your weekend was great. Mine was! Because I sawThe Avengers again! And guess what? It’s still AWESOME!

This time, though, I saw it in normal 2-D. When distanced from the sheer spectacle of IMAX 3-D, you really get more of a chance to judge the film as a film. And it is still a dang good one.

This time around, I made more attention to Hawkeye, and realized that I liked a lot of what Jeremy Renner did. He wouldn’t have been my first choice for the role, but he did a remarkable job.

Speaking of arrows…

Over the weekend, the CW–that sad, sad mutated combo of UPN and the WB that, yes, is still around–released an extended trailer for their new fall show, Arrow, aSmallville-esque take on the prominent DC Comics second-stringer Green Arrow.

Via Moviebob

Now, you’re probably wondering 2 things.

1. Who the heck is Green Arrow?

Short version: Batman, but if he was shipwrecked on an island and dressed like Robin Hood. Long version: this.

2. What do I, your humble guide, think about this?

Well, call me cautiously optimistic. I’ve heard Smallville started out great but just went way downhill as time went on; hopefully, Arrow will avoid this problem. Some of the changes bug me, like how apparently Oliver is from “Darling City” (obvious L.A. is obvious) rather than Star City in Oregon like the comics. And the hood on the costume is just. Plain. SILLY.

I get trying to darken up the character, but the hood just looks so out of place. If you look at what Ollie looks like in the recently rebooted DC Universe of the New 52–no hat, but still mask and arrows–that’d be fine. A hood just looks and feels like someone’s trying too hard.

But really, the core premise does seem intriguing. I wonder if they’ll begin the pilot with Oliver’s shipwreck and time on the island, or if it will just be parsed out flashback style over multiple episodes.

Either way, I’m in, just to see how it goes.


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