Webcomics you should be reading, Part 2

Hey guys, sorry I forgot to post this yesterday, but I’m here now, so here we go.

One of the coolest things about webcomics is that, because the Internet is a big yet small place, like-minded people like webcomics creators can meet and become friends.

Such is the case with the first webcomic creator I’m going to talk about today, Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue.

Watson is a friend of David Willis, the creator of Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age, which I talked about the last time I did one of these.

A month ago, I would have been telling you how Watson’s strip, which updates about 3 times a week or so, is a noncanonical strip following the geek culture rantings and ravings of Watson and his friends Josh and Eli. But that’s not really true anymore.

A few weeks ago, Watson began experimenting with ongoing storylines. He’s completed 2 so far, and really, I find it a nice, interesting experiment.

The beginning of the first storyline, where the three men go see The Avengers, is here. If you like what you see, just go to the archive and then click on one of the random tags and surf to your heart’s content. Watson’s humor is not only topical, but it’s also direct and ludicrous. While you don’t have to, I recommend reading the blog posts below the strips. They’re really just as funny as the strips and I usually learn something.

The second webcomic I’m talking about today was actually linked to in one of those said blog posts, Reptilis Rex by William Tallman.

William Tallman is, of course, not the cartoonist’s real name, but that’s the pseudonym the website gives. The strip follows Krel Irontail–former emperor of the Hollow Earth and the species inside it called Reptoids (reptilian humanoids)– and his assistant Snive as they navigate life on the surface, including their low-level retail jobs at Lemmy’s, a spoof of all retail jobs everywhere.

This strip is great: a nice cartoony style blended with memorable characters and crackling dialogue. Tallman updates 4 times a week, Monday-Thursday, and he’s really hit his stride since the strip started. It’s only been around for a few months, so you can read from the beginning and be caught up in a few hours. I’d do it now, so then you can tell all your friends years from now when this strip is as big as Penny Arcade that you knew about it before everyone else in your snootiest, hipster-est voice.

Enjoy and new post tomorrow!



One comment on “Webcomics you should be reading, Part 2

  1. […] usual, I’ve found the best comment on this whole situation in comics. Joel Watson, who I talked about a while back, had this to say in today’s Hijinks Ensue […]

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