I’ve been living in a nexus of Batman material lately. Bought Batman: Arkham Asylum at the last Steam sale for $7, been watching a lot of Batman: The Animated Series, just started watching The Brave and the Bold today from the beginning, and last week Thursday, I not only saw the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, but all of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

My review? Well, to keep it short because there’s other things I want to talk about yet, I liked it a lot. Seeing all 3 films at one time like that–an experience that yielded me another opportunity that I hope to announce very soon–helped me see the threads of Nolan (and his brother Jonathan and David S. Goyer)’s vision of Batman play out fully. Rises is a very well done movie; not as good as The Dark Knight, but better than Batman Begins. The cast is great, the script is great, the score is great, the characters are awesome and the plot is spellbinding.

But while I was enjoying myself, Aurora, CO was experiencing a devastating tragedy. Suffice it to say that this is certainly a heinous, cruel, barbaric act of violence and that all prayers and thoughts should be centered on the victims.

As for the shooter? Well, I fully agree with artist Ty Templeton. Don’t talk about this guy; don’t think about him; don’t give this nut the attention he deserves.

If you want an excellent thought piece on this and the recent Penn State verdict, you can find that here.

To turn to a bit happier news, I reached a milestone at work today, it finally rained around here and I had a great time playing Soul Calibur V last night. Happier post tomorrow!


5 comments on “Bat-sanity.

  1. Derek says:

    What are your thoughts on Batman: Brave & The Bold? Arkham Asylum?

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