Of Interest

Not that this is gonna unofficially become Bat-Week here or anything, but I do want to address another thing about The Dark Knight Rises.

In case you haven’t heard, prior to the film’s release, critic Marshall Fine posted a negative review on his website and received death threats. From fans. Y’know, the ones that are so rabid about this stuff that they’ll do things like…well, do things like that?

Yeah, that’s pretty insane stuff. After that and a similar incident with another critic, Rotten Tomatoes–the famous review-aggregator website that I don’t personally care for because it distills the fine art of movie criticism to a number–suspended comments from the film’s page. Bravo, guys.

And fans? Don’t do this. Not just for Batman, but anything. People are allowed to have negative and contrary opinions. That’s how democracy works. That’s how freedom of speech works. That’s how civil discourse works.

If you can’t remember that, then just ask yourself, “What would Batman do?”

Okay, his first answer would be probably this:

But his second would be to be civil and respectful. Thank you.


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