24 Hours After History

It’s midnight where I’m at right now. And about 24 hours ago, folks, history was made. The scientific vehicle Curiosity, having completed its 8-month mission to Mars, survived the journey through the thin Martian atmosphere and successfully landed.

I could make my own jubilant comments, such as how this proves that nerds in fact run and advance the world, here. And I will make a few: This rover, designed to dig for microbial samples to see whether or not Mars once supported life, will increase our understanding of the universe, geology, geography, microbiology and numerous other things. It, like the NASA undertakings of 30-40 years ago, will benefit us enormously technologically and scientifically. The discovery of past life–if it is discovered–would provide proof that we are, quite possibly, not alone or weren’t alone at one point in the universe. If this is true, we’re moving closer to living science fiction every day.

As usual, I’ve found the best comment on this whole situation in comics. Joel Watson, who I talked about a while back, had this to say in today’s Hijinks Ensue strip:

Tonight those blue shirts are going to fuck like it's going out of style.

(Image Copyright Joel Watson)

So yeah, that about sums up my feelings. Good night!

P.S. Also, SUPER BIG THANKS to comic book artist phenomenon Ty Templeton for linking to one of my posts. Thanks again, Ty! Folks, if you aren’t already, follow his blog, Ty Templeton’s ART LAND here on WordPress or subscribe to the RSS. He’s awesome.


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