Good Times with Weapons

Props for getting the South Park reference!

So today, I discovered that one of my favorite web series, indeed the only one I watch on YouTube, Dragon Ball Z Abridged by Team Four Star, has concluded its first season of 30 episodes.

If you don’t remember the original DBZ from its generation-defining run on Toonami in the ’90s, I don’t know what to tell you. Over 291 episodes of violent craziness, the anime helped cement the medium’s popularity in America and has a fond place in many people’s hearts, despite its relentless padding and rather silly stories.

Team Four Star, a group of fans, are of this mindset, and have done some of the best parody work I’ve ever seen on the Internet by shortening episodes, writing their own scripts, casting some brilliant sound-alikes and coming up with some brilliant voices of their own.

Here is the playlist. Idk where the first episode is, so you’ll have to search for it. Enjoy!


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