Reasons to pay attention to the CW now

Like the vast majority of people, I’ve pretty much ignored the existence of the CW–the network formed out of the WB and UPN a few years back–simply because nothing on there–well, except for the late, much-lamented The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon–has been of any interest.

But over the weekend, I read about two things that intrigue me and have caused me to want to check out the network come fall.

The first is this piece about the pilot of the new drama Arrow by TV & film critic Daniel Fienberg over at Hitfix. His summation, for those of you not williing to click that link, is that it’s passable but not great and it’s certainly interesting. 

For better or worse, that’s how I feel about the character of Green Arrow in general. The only extended run I’ve ever read was Kevin Smith’s a few years back, which was wonderful and very compelling, but ever since then, I’ve never seen anything with the Emerald Archer in it I thought was worth reading. (Anyone wants to prove me wrong by pointing out some excellent Arrow stories in the comments, please do so.)

This show, however, which does have an extended trailer, seems to be entertaining and could develop into something pretty watchable. Course, I say that knowing full well the consensus that Smallville went down in quality after a while, even as the threats got bigger. But hey, doesn’t premiere for a while, so I’m gonna wait and see.

The second thing I saw was this news piece over at the Superman Homepage announcing that a week from this Saturday–very day I go back to school, oddly enough–the network is launching a new kids’ cartoon block called Vortexx that will include things like a WWE show for kids and reruns of Justice League Unlimited and Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.

The fact that JLU is coming back isn’t that much of a surprise to me; kids will always love them some superheroes and very few have done it better than Bruce Timm & company. But Lost Galaxy? A Power Rangers show that hasn’t been seen in over a decade?

I mean WOW…then again, the fact that Saban, which is programming this block, chose this show–which is seen as the transition from the shared universe “Zordon Era” of Power Rangers to the current “every season is stand-alone” model–as part of the block is telling. Presumably, they did this because they know Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers will find enough of an audience on its upcoming DVD releases and because of their current deal with Nickelodeon for the current Samurai series.

Regardless, it will be nice to see these shows on TV again. And it’s nice in general that at least one network is at least TRYING for a traditional Saturday morning cartoon block.

The rest of the schedule for Vortexx is here.


2 comments on “Reasons to pay attention to the CW now

  1. Derek says:

    I’ve got a Top Ten Green Arrow list here:

    But the shorthand version is you should check out anything from Mike Grell’s run.

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