My Voice on Superman

First off, sorry for no post on Wednesday, but I had my wisdom teeth removed, so I’m only just now emerging from a haze of ibuprofen, Vicodin and TV.

Second off, this post is essentially a blatant plug for one of my favorite websites out there, the Superman Homepage. I couId get into why I love Superman himself so much, but that’s a story for another time.

For not, let’s just talk about the Homepage. It’s not only one of the oldest fansites on the Internet, it’s also one of the best; Steve Younis, the webmaster and editor-in-chief, was nice enough to post a couple of articles by me on the Man of Steel last year. Thanks again, Steve!

The website does a monthly podcast, Radio KAL, where Steve and co-host Scotty V, discuss and dissect all the Superman news for the month. It’s always very solid, enjoyable stuff; to supplement it, every Monday through BlogTalk Radio, Steve and other co-host Michael Bailey, do a live radio show where they frequently interview creators and fans of the Man of Tomorrow alike.

This past Monday, the pair interviewed Jeph Loeb (currently head of television for Marvel, formerly a writer on Smallville, Lost and Heroes) about his years writing the monthly Superman comic book; I called in and was graciously allowed on air to speak to Mr. Loeb. It was a pretty awesome experience. Thanks, Steve and Michael! And Mr. Loeb, of course!

Show feed is right below, but you can also download–and subscribe, if you want–on iTunes or through RSS. My voice, in its non-hazy sounding fullness, can be heard from 35:47 to 41:17.

<div style=”font-size: 10px;text-align: center; width:220px;”> Listen to <a href=””>internet radio</a> with <a href=””>SupermanHomepage</a&gt; on Blog Talk Radio</div>

Happy Friday, everybody!


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