Bits of News

1.  I got an offer to write a TV show review for a magazine published by my college, so that’s cool. More as that develops.

2. The first Presidential debate–as in, the first debate between the two actual candidates, not a bunch of people all vying for ONE nomination–aired/is airing tonight. I’ll be writing my thoughts on that soon.

3. The trailer for Disney’s new Lone Ranger film premiered on The Tonight Show last night (can’t embed it, but it’s available here ) and, well…I’m of two minds.

 On the one hand, I’m excited to see how somebody as visually stylish as Gore Verbinski will do with material like this. There’s a bit of nostalgia involved as I remember watching the old TV show as a kid on Saturday afternoons. And the fact that it seems like the railroad will be a big key in this film’s conflict between its heroes and villains is a pretty novel angle.

But on the other hand…I really don’t like how the trailer is SO focused on Johnny Depp as Tonto. I GET he’s a huge star, but if they focus on him so much in the film as they do in the trailer–he’s got top billing, notice, and Armie Hammer as the Ranger doesn’t even get one freaking line–it’s going to be a disaster. I’m eh on Helena Bonham Carter being in it, but then again, I always am. And I get the sense that, story wise, this might turn out at least a little similar to 2009’s Jonah Hex movie, which took perhaps my favorite comic book character of all time, a tough, hard-living bounty hunter…and made him BORING, teaming up with Megan Fox and thrusting him into a half-baked version of what some studio head thinks is a steampunk story. I REALLY hope that doesn’t happen, but the fact that Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio, who wrote the first 2 good Pirates movies, then destroyed the franchise with all their cramming in of world-building in the 3rd one, are credited with the screenplay has me worried.



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