Webcomics…in print!

I did something a little bit differently for Cyber Monday this year; rather than giving my money just to Amazon, I figured since I subscribe to 21 webcomics, I should throw some of my money their way for all the free laughs and awesomeness they give me every day.

Luckily, a lot of webcomic people offered some pretty great deals. The two I took advantage of were the 10% off David Willis–who I’ve talked about before–offered at his store; I bought the first collection of Dumbing of Age, my current favorite webcomic and Dave Kellett, author of the hilarious humor strip Sheldon and the sci-fi epic Drive, who I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned yet, who offered the seventh print collection of Sheldon for $1! It’s such a good deal, it’s almost criminal.

Both of these books arrived yesterday and I’m really happy with my purchase; sure, all these strips are free on the web, but seeing them and rereading them in print does add a little something, believe it or not.

Image of Dumbing of Age Book 1 (Credit: Dave Kellett/David Willis. Will be replaced with actual photos soon)

Little extra bit of awesome: found out a few minutes ago before writing this post that the Sheldon book is actually AUTOGRAPHED; how awesome is that?!?

I will show you a photo of that autograph as soon as my webcam decides to work for me…


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