Home again, Home again

And we’re back! Exams are over and I am back home in Illinois!

What have I been doing? Watching TV, mostly. See, my uncle lent us the first season of Suits and White Collar. Don’t care about the latter, but the former is a GREAT show; expect a review soon…

My friend, freshly back from an internship in Kansas City, KS, has been helping me get through the first season of Fringe, knocking another entry off my TV Bucket List. Expect a review of that too!

And comics; Lord, did I buy comics today! $50 almost…this is what I bought:


  Captain America #2 - Comic Book Cover 

For those of you that don’t read them funny books, those are, from first to last, Masks #2, Saga #8, Action Comics #13-15, Superman #13-14, Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #12, and Captain America #2. Those are pretty much all the monthly books I buy–well, Superman Family Adventures, too, but I forgot to buy those today–and although there is a comic shop by me, I have yet to check it out. Hence, the splurging.

Oh, that last thing? Well, that’s a trade paperback actually–volume 6 of Chew, which is one of my favorite anythings of anything. That will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Back to TV a second: yesterday, I found series 5 of Doctor Who for $20 on Blu-Ray at Best Buy, so I snatched it up. Tonight, I go to set up my Blu-Ray player to my folks’ semi-new Samsung LCD HDTV so I can watch it…and I realize that I somehow forgot the power cord. Yeah. Bit of a setback, there.

But hey, I still got comics, so that’s what matters.

‘Til Friday!


One comment on “Home again, Home again

  1. Derek Crabbe says:

    I grabbed both 5 and 6 on blu-ray for that 19.99 deal myself. Also, Superman Family Adventures is awesome!

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