He’s Back!

I’m guessing more than a few of you who read this have probably heard of Internet comedian Doug Walker, best known for his show the Nostalgia Critic, which gave rise to the whole “criticism as entertainment” genre of Internet video.

I posted one of his videos before, but a few months after I did that, it was announced that the character would be retired and he was given a send-off in this year’s team-up anniversary movie done by That Guy With the Glasses, which hosts this show and several others. Walker explained in a follow-up video he retired the character because he wanted to move on to other original projects of his own that weren’t just reviews.

And although I was sad–having been a fan of the Critic since high school and him being hugely influential for me–I understood it. In art, there’s a fear of stagnation and if this was Walker’s way of avoiding it then so be it, said I.

Well, last night, this video was posted on the website.

So yeah, assuming you watched that, it looks like the Critic is coming back! I can’t really put into words how I felt after this video; I laughed as always, but this really got to me emotionally too. It honestly feels like the majority of this video–with Walker arguing to himself as both the Critic and him–is what went on in his mind. This is a deeply personal piece. On top of that, it got to me because I consider Walker to be an inspiration; I discovered him in high school and he’s taught me so much. Without him, I wouldn’t have my love of reviewing, I maybe wouldn’t have my current group of friends and I probably wouldn’t even have this blog.

On top of that, the whole feel of it is remarkable. I feel like this video is the equivalent of those shows in the early days of television like NBC Experiment in Television where people like Jim Henson did well…experimental films but for the Internet: somebody who knows the conventions of the medium they’re working in and pushes the boundaries as hard as they can.

Great job, Mr. Walker, and I’m glad you’re back! Your first new video is February 5th and I will be watching with joy.


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