Apologies, explanations and catchup

WOW, have I REALLY not posted for 2+ weeks? I am so terribly sorry about that, folks. You see, in addition to having all the craziness and stress that comes with the start of a new semester of college, something else happened:

I got sick.

And when I get sick–as I always do around this time of the year–I get REALLY sick. I mean, we’re talking coughing, sneezing, mucus, the works. There was one day when, with no explanation, I found myself barely able to move and stayed in my room all day.

And that really sucked because not only did I miss class and work, that was the day my beloved Community came back.

Yes, last week was one of the best weeks to be a nerd–Nostalgia Critic, Community and Gravity Falls all came back and I was sick for ALL of that. Man, that was infuriating.

So, in brief, here are some bullet points about stuff of interest that happened during my absence from the Internet:

  • The new Nostalgia Critic is great; Doug Walker has finally given his character a theme song, a title card, is using the cast of his cancelled project Demo Reel and is still doing the job of Internet nerd comedy better than anyone. Go watch him take down The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Trust me; you’ll be glad.
  • We are now two episodes into Community‘s long delayed fourth season and I’ve been impressed. Obviously, because there’s only 13 episodes, some emotional arcs are a bit rushed and compressed but it’s still funny. To me, that’s enough. Both episodes are now on Hulu.
  • Gravity Falls came back from its months-long hiatus and it’s still as weird and funny as it was when I wrote about it for you. Go hunt it out. I would link you to a review but The A.V. Club stopped covering it apparently…
  • The Internet is up in arms over Orson Scott Card–Ender’s Game author and noted homophone–writing stories for a new digital Superman comic. I might have to come back to this later…
  • Speaking of Superman, I finally saw the movie adaptation of one of my favorite things, Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman, recently. Is it as heartfelt and amazing as the series? Of course not, but it’s dang good in its own right. Check it out.

Speaking of adaptations, I’m going to be a part of a panel on them at Taylor University’s Making Literature Conference on February 28!!!! I’m presenting on the Sherlock Holmes character of Irene Adler and how two different TV versions of her sole appearance in Doyle’s canon interpret her when compared with the original story. Full details are here. If you or anyone you know will be in Indiana that day, stop by! And hey, this just might spur me to finish my Summer of Sherlock series…

Well, that’s all for now, I think! Glad to be back and I’ll see you in this space tomorrow for Star Trek Saturday!


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