Trailing Behind

Get it? Get the title joke? Well, you will.

Anyway, so yesterday, a couple of new trailers for arguably two of the biggest releases of the summer came out, and I am RIDICULOUSLY excited by what I see in both of them.

First, a brand new, full trailer for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, was released. It’s the most indicative of what we’re actually going to get from this movie–offering much more information than any previous teaser or TV spot has given us–and I cannot friggin’ wait. (Hattip Moviebob)

So here, we finally see Michael Shannon’s Zod speak as well as get a clear sense of really all our major players. Amy Adams is playing Lois as a flinty tough-as-nails type ala Teri Hatcher (Lois and Clark) and Joan Alexander (The Adventures of Superman radio show); Russell Crowe has definitely honed his Marlon Brando impression for Jor-El (which is a good thing!); Kevin Costner has channeled all his humbleness into Jonathan Kent and Henry Cavill…oh man, I don’t know what anyone was doubting. He seems like the exact sort of Superman we need in the 21st Century; his voice, bearing and posture borrow from the best of George Reeves, Christopher Reeve and even the animated versions. The new costume looks awesome and the fact that they bothered to use the classic “zoom in on rocks levitating around the hero’s fist as he powers up” bit (a classic trope in action anime) shows that director Zach Snyder is committed to giving a new generation a Superman on their terms. Color me excited.

Moviebob is upset about the whole “why-the-S” explanation at the end, but I’m fine with it. As long as it’s not too pedantic.

Also released yesterday was the final trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, a movie similarly shrouded in mystery and misdirection. (thanks to The Mary Sue)

Oof. Probably the heaviest stuff we’ve seen yet–London getting destroyed, the Enterprise crashing down to Earth–and being accosted by a larger-class Federation ship it seems–and Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison being his most glowering and menacing yet. This seems like it’ll be a sleek thriller ala Trek style and, after the last film so wonderfully made one of the better action movies of the past decade while still bringing core Trek back, that seems like a nice thing to do.

What I didn’t really remember until I saw it here, and I had to look at screencaps from the last film on Memory Alpha to be sure, is that in new Trek, the uniforms have a scale-pattern quality to them; kinda neat, as it highlights how movable and breathable the fabric has to be for Starfleet officers in all situations.

So yeah, two awesome movies will help make this an exciting summer. I cannot wait.





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