And your 12th Doctor is…

So this past Sunday, the BBC announced in a half-hour special broadcast worldwide the long-awaited identity of the Twelfth Doctor in this, Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary. Much speculation had abounded, and my friend was hoping that famed actor Chiwetel Eijofer would be announced. But the big role turned out to go to…

New Who: Peter Capaldi

…veteran Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. All that public wishing for a minority or female Doctor seems to have come to naught. But I digress.

Anyway, now that the dust has settled, I’m excited for two reasons: 1. Capaldi is largely considered a good actor; he is, of course, most famous as the curse-happy PR doctor Malcolm Tucker in the British sitcom The Thick Of It which is, available entirely for free on Hulu (and which I really should start watching) but he’s done a really impressive amount of work. As Sunday’s special noted, he’s even guest-starred on Who once before in “The Fires of Pompeii” as Caecilius; I recently rewatched that episode and found his performance quite good.

Number Two: This may sound silly, but the fact that he’s old is a good thing. We’ve needed an older Doctor for a while and now that we have one, I am very excited indeed. An older Doctor could finally force the show’s writers to adopt another tack besides people constantly falling for the Doctor. We need to get back to the tone of Season 4 and just have the Doctor and his companion having adventures and having fun. Yeah, romantic arcs are nice, but I’m getting tired of the Doctor being involved in it. (Also, maybe showrunner Steven Moffat will cut down on Alex Kingston’s River Song showing up all the time, while I’m wishing.)

So yeah, color me excited to see what Capaldi does come Christmas (the annual Christmas special is where the Doctor will regenerate). Matt Smith has had a good run but hopefully, Capaldi can make his own mark. See you in the timestream, my fellow Whovians!


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