We stick up for Superman a fair bit around here but I’ve always loved Batman too. I’ve been on a Batman kick these past couple of weeks and what good timing!

Last Thursday, Warner Bros announced that they had found the next actor to portray the Dark Knight in 2015’s Batman and Superman movie. And that actor is…Ben Affleck!

On the surface, this seems awesome! A two-time Oscar-winning director and screenwriter who also happens to be a very accomplished actor playing the most popular and most psychologically complex superhero out there? This could be amazing.

But judging from things, it seems most don’t feel that way. A petition to remove him circulating on–an organization, I remind you, that normally targets unfair laws and murderers who got off scot-free–had something like 17,000 signatures when I looked at it. Some zealous idiots even tried to start a petition on the website of the White House–which the administration thankfully removed.

A lot of the hate seems to come from the fact that people still can’t get over the fact that Affleck played the title role in the decade-old Daredevil movie–which I don’t remember being too bad but regardless–and that Affleck has made some terrible movies over the years.

Here’s the problems there: 1. Daredevil was a decade ago; get over it! 2. Every actor is capable of being in a terrible movie and most times, it’s the production teams fault, not theirs.

Another thing: Affleck is, if Kevin Smith’s comments of yesterday are to be believed, a huge Batman fan. And whatever you thought of him back then, you need to put it aside. Need I remind you that his movie Argo won Best Picture Oscar last year, even though he wasn’t nominated for Best Director, which almost always happens?

Face it: he’s proven himself and we can’t doubt him on this one. And hey, being an Oscar-winning screenwriter, he might be allowed to put his touch on the script. That and Christopher Nolan apparently stepping away from things means we might get at last a Batman in a costume and not a black bodysuit who can actually speak in a normal voice.

I liked the Dark Knight trilogy too but it’s time we moved on, guys. Time for Batman to be happy.


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