GrandCon, Day 1

Hey folks, as I promised, here’s a short little summary of the first day of GrandCon!

Well, while the convention actually opened at 9, my friend/roommate and I weren’t able to head over there until about 4:00. Once there, we got our badges, tote bags and other such things.

After checking around the–admittedly not too large–convention area and finding that the dealers’ room won’t be open until tomorrow, we headed over to the games library.

This was a HUGE place, stocked with basically any sort of board and tabletop game you could think of. All you had to do was check out any one you wanted at the desk, then sit down at one of the many long tables lining the hall and play.

Having time to kill, we decided to do just that, with me teaching my friend how to play Dominion, a fun medieval-themed card game I learned this summer that’s all about amassing land and victory points. We played for about an hour, then ran back to our apartment (the main reason we decided to go to GrandCon, besides how cheap it was, was that it’s about 5 minutes from where we live) to eat dinner then headed back for a round of Pandemic.

When I say Pandemic, I mean the board game, not the computer game. It’s a tough game normally–considering you have to contain 4 different viruses all over the world, it’d better be–but our round, which we played with 2 other guys, was rather quick. Then again, considering we registered for only an hour of play, I suppose that was by design.

With nothing else to do, we headed back to the game library and learned how to play this game the makers of Bang! made called En Garde. It was fun–though I can’t really recall the rules–and easy to pick up, but having been really sick today and yesterday thanks to my other roommates, I got tired.

So we headed back to our apartment, watched a GREAT episode of Star Trek–yes, it’s what I’ll be covering next–and now I must sleep.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2!


2 comments on “GrandCon, Day 1

  1. Redhead says:

    We didn’t get there till Saturday, but I heard the place was hopping on Friday. The guy who ran Pandemic, skinny fellow with curly long-ish brown hair? He was running it Saturday morning in the Boardroom, and we were set up next to him for a while. He’d mentioned he had a full table for Pandemic the day before.

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