Grandcon–Days 2 and 3

Hey folks,

Sorry this had to be combined but that’s what happens when you get sick on the weekend of a convention. I feel like garbage and unfortunately, I was too selfishly tired to write. My apologies.

Regardless, here’s what Saturday was: me and the roommate got up at 8:30 because we were scheduled to play a session of the newish RPG 13th Age (a game created by the guys behind 3rd and 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons). Turns out we were a half hour late–it started at 9–but we still made it and had a really fun time. This game is GREAT; very easy character creation, easily the most fluid, easy to understand combat system I’ve ever played; as our gamemaster put it, “it’s first edition D&D with modern math.”

After that got over at 1, we looked around the dealer’s room which was mostly taken up by this enormous seller of back issues and discounted trades and graphic novels. From there, I bought vol. 7 of Ultimate Spider-Man, the Vertigo book Pride of Baghdad, the complete Omega the Unknown: Classic; from another dealer, I bought the first volume of Mouse Guard.

Then I attended a wonderful panel on self-publishing that had authors Tim Kenyon and Mick McArt, who were quite lovely as they spoke on the dirty details of aligning with a vanity press, starting your own press and the ins and outs of publishing generally. Inspiring stuff.

Then, after all that, went back to my apartment, had dinner, then attended a screening of Raising Arizona that my college’s Film Arts Committee put on, where a fun time was had by all. By the time I got back, however, I was too bushwhacked to do anything other than watch half an episode of Fringe, then go to bed.

After sleeping for 12 hours today, I got up, watched Fringe, did laundry, then headed back to the con where I spent most of today at the Dealer’s Room, where I made out like a BANDIT…and lost all of my available cash. Pics will be added later, but today I found, in no particular order:

  • Endtime, Tim Kenyon’s self-published graphic novel
  • John Byrne’s The Man of Steel miniseries (for $5)
  • A collection of issues 26-29 of the legendary EC Comics title The Vault of Horror
  • Volume 2 of Spider-Man: Brand New Day
  • A complete run of a 12-issue 1985 miniseries by Marvel called The Eternals
  • 7/8ths of the DC ’80s miniseries Millenium, and a Batman tie-in issue to go along with that
  • The FIRST ISSUE of Marvel’s long-running Star Wars comic from the ’70s and ’80s (for 50 cents!)
  • An issue of Mickey Mouse
  • Some ’90s one-shot called The Legacy of Superman
  • A random back issue of Detective Comics
  • And finally an irresponsiblely HUGE  run of Bronze Age (’70s) Superman issues

Also today, I had the pleasure of meeting legendary Dragonlance co-creator Tracy Hickman (who signed a copy of his new Batman novel for me and talked with me about writing!) as well as talked to the editors and founders of a website that I’ll have more to say about soon.

Quite a weekend, eh? If that’s what the first year of GrandCon yields, I expect to be back again and again in the years to come.

Also, judging from this post, the Little Red Reviewer was there and I missed my chance to try and arrange a meetup! D’oh!!!


2 comments on “Grandcon–Days 2 and 3

  1. Redhead says:

    They’re going to need a bigger place next year. I heard they printed 1200 badges!

    Can you post more about the panel Tim Kenyon and Mick McArt did? I didn’t get to go to that one. But I bet we walked past each other in the hallway, I was leaving that room as you were walking in!

    definite Do’h! moment for both of us. I need to keep better track of my fellow Michigan bloggers and reach out to everyone when a local event is coming up.

    • tomspeelman says:

      We probably did! And of course; no problem.

      I actually heard from one of the lower-level staff on Sunday that they’re already planning on the Crowne Hilton (or something like that) for next year. They were doing pre-registration then but I didn’t sign up because I did, in fact, spend all the cash I had on hand.

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