So I decided not to review the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on here because well, most of you would probably know or predict that I’d like it. And yeah, I did. I think it’s a terrific show that can only get better (I am a little annoyed that I now have to catch up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu, though, but hey, I made a Hulu account again, so that’s fun).

Anyway, pretty much right after–or maybe even during–the premiere of Agents, Warner Brothers announced that, in addition to the already-revealed Flash series due to spin off of Arrow this upcoming season on the CW, Fox will be making a one-hour drama called Gotham, a show about the early days of Lt. James Gordon on the cop beat before Batman showed up.

Some have expressed reservations, and those–along with the fact that it’s being developed by the guy who made The Mentalist–has given me some pause. But for the most part, I’m intrigued to see where this goes. If nothing else, it’ll be cool seeing a young Gordon–although we don’t know how young he’ll be yet–take down street-level criminals and maybe mob kingpins (like longtime Bat-nemesis Rupert Thorne, maybe?). And the fact that it’s on Fox–meaning, unlike the Flash show, it’ll have some sort of budget–means it can afford to look good if nothing else.

But here’s something even more interesting: NBC announced today that they’re developing a show around John Constantine.

Oh man, THIS could be good.

For those of you that don’t know, John Constantine is a working class magician, con artist and amoral antihero created by Alan Moore in 1985 during his run on Swamp Thing, then spun off into his own long-running, very realist and dark, and generally excellent Vertigo comic book that only just ended this year, with him being brought into the New 52 and having his edges sanded off.

This could be very interesting, indeed; I mean, we all thought Hannibal was gonna suck and that’s one of the best shows on television, so why couldn’t this work?

The only thing that gives me pause is the production team of David S. Goyer and some other guy from The Mentalist. Goyer’s not a bad writer when it comes to films (Man of Steel  is good, dangit) but his other TV show Da Vinci’s Demons is apparently crap.

Still, if they indulge my mental fantasy and teach Mark Pellegrino how to affect a Liverpudlian accent, we’ll be in business…


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