Things You Should Support

Hey Folks,

Been meaning to write a longer post about this, but time dictates I be brief. Now then: crowdfunding, for all of its problems, is a system I support because it allows for something to happen that generally wouldn’t happen otherwise.

For 2 examples, here are campaigns going on as of this writing that I think you should definitely support:

1. Cristian Mihai, a Romanian writer and self-publisher who’s a big deal here on WordPress, is in the last stretches of an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to not only keep his blog alive and support his writing–which is his only source of income at the moment–but also help expand his independent e-magazine Irevuo, which aims to promote independent artists.

Cristian is a constant inspiration as a blogger with his fearlessness, honesty and creativity. Please, if you can, donate to help him fulfill his dreams.

2. This morning, I received a message on Facebook from a friend letting me know of a Kickstarter campaign to reprint and remaster every issue of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, an Inuit superheroine from Canada’s Golden Age of Comics.

I had NEVER heard of this before, but holy crap, does that sound awesome or what? It’s been said that we’re living in the Golden Age of Reprints, but we tend to forget that the superhero is not something unique to America nor has it ever been. That, plus the fact that this is a minority superhero–in the FORTIES–makes this worth considering.

So check out these links, see what perks you can get and by all means please consider donating. Happy Friday!


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