October Holiday [Part One]: Jogjakarta

Hey folks, sorry for the reblog, but I have a big test tomorrow and an even bigger midterm on Friday. So while I do that, enjoy this post by my friend Michelle, who’s currently teaching English in Indonesia.

Teaching. Traveling. Writing.

As previously mentioned, I recently spent five days in Jogjakarta.  Located on the island of Java, Jogja is a city well-known in Indonesia, specifically for being a center of culture and education.  With two UNESCO World Heritage sites less than an hour away, innumerable batik shops, the Ramayana Ballet, and a handful of universities, the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, second only to Bali.

While in Jogja, the primary focus of my group was to go to language school.  Through a series of recommendations, we settled on a fantastic school, and booked a hotel only 150m away. We started right away, literally going straight from the airport to the school.  Four hours later, with our brains jammed full of Bahasa Indonesia, we checked into our hotel.

In the following days, we visited Prambanan, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, Borobubur, a massive Buddhist temple, as…

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