21 This Year

Hey everybody, so it’s my birthday and–besides being old enough to, here in America, indulge in alcohol–something I thought would be a little fun would be to share something cool: how many other people share my birthday.

I already knew that I shared my birthday with Mark Twain and (sigh) Clay Aiken, but the others, as I found on Wikipedia, surprised me. They are, in no particular order:

Jonathan Swift–churchman and satirist, author of, most famously, Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal.

William Livingston–the first governor of New Jersey, post-Revolutionary War

Winston Churchill–yeah, that one; “We shall fight them on the beaches,” etc. etc.

Robert Nighthawk–legendary Delta blues musician

Gordon Parks–author, photographer and director of several films, most notably the iconic blaxploitation film Shaft

Efram Zimbalist Jr.–an actor of many roles, but most relevantly, Alfred on Batman: The Animated Series

Allan Sherman–the most prominent American comedy musician before “Weird Al” Yankovic. famous for songs like “Hello Muddah, Hello Fathah”

Robert Guilliame–Benson (from, y’know, Benson) and Rafiki from The Lion King

Dick Clark–legendary American broadcaster

Joan Ganz Cooney–co-founder of Sesame Workshop and thus Sesame Street

Abbie Hoffman–famous radical and author of, among other things, Steal This Book

Ridley Scott-yeah, that’s right; the guy who gave us Alien and Gladiator

Terrence Malick–the writer-director behind The Tree of Life and The Thin Red Line; considered one of the best filmmakers ever

Roger Glover–bassist for, among other bands, Deep Purple

David Mamet–yeah, that one; the guy behind Glengarry Glen Ross

Chris Claremont–the writer who’s the only reason you’ve ever heard of the X-Men

Lawrence Summers–president of Harvard and former Secretary of the Treasury

Mandy Patinkin–Inigo Montoya himself

Keith Giffen–the artist/writer who gave us the “BWA-HA-HA” era of the Justice League and a whole lotta other stuff

Shuggie Otis–American singer/songwriter


John Ashton–member of The Psychedelic Furs

Bo Jackson–player of both baseball and football and 1/3rd of ProStars

Ben Stiller–yes, that one

Amy Ryan–Holly from The Office

Gael Garcia Bernal–an actor from a bunch of movies

Kaley Cuoco–star of/one of the few tolerable things about The Big Bang Theory

There’s way more on Wikipedia, but these jumped out to me. This was fun!


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