Schedule Change and New Blog

Hey folks, quick update here. Firstly, I wanted to say that Star Trek Saturdays, as part of an effort to make me actually be consistent with updating that series, will be going biweekly, starting this week. I hate to do this, but I want to avoid burnout as much as possible.

Secondly, I want to alert you to something. My school, instead of starting second semester right away in January, has an Interim period throughout the month, where students can take a class on a professor’s passion. Last year, I took a class on film noir; this year, I’m taking a class on games (all kinds except video).

As part of the class, we’re required to create and post to a blog on Blogger every day of class. Mine is called Gaming in Community and you can find it here. The posts are a bit less flashy than what I usually put up here, so expect a rougher style of writing, but if you want a daily dose of my thoughts, go there and check it out!


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