Why Piracy Kills Anime and How to Prevent It

Hey guys!

I’m proud to announce that I’m a staff writer for Another Castle. Ill be writing posts for them about twice a month. Here’s my first one about anime piracy and how to fix it.

Another Castle

Source: AniChart.net Source: AniChart.net

For all of its expansion and legitimacy in the U.S., anime is still a niche market and official releases, be they from FUNimation or an imported Blu-Ray, tend to fall on the expensive side. And of course, there’s always the chance that a show you were looking for was never imported anywhere or poorly edited and translated.

With those long shadows stretching throughout anime’s history here in the West, it makes sense why people would torrent or illegally stream shows and movies. But more than ever, there are so many legal, free ways to watch anime. It’s breathtaking that people still choose to go with fansubs over an official release. Why is this?

The Problem

I asked people from my school’s anime club this question, and they said by and large, it’s a matter of convenience. “If I do watch shows illegally,” one person said, “it’s usually because…

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