ATTACK ON TITAN Dub Review: Does the English Cast Live Up to Japanese?

And here’s another thing for Another Castle. I still don’t think Attack on Titan is worth the hype but the dub improves things.

Another Castle

Source: StuffPoint Source: StuffPoint

Every few years or so, an anime comes along that blows up both among fandom and the general public. In the ’90s, it was Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, in the ’00s, it was Naruto and for this decade, it appears that show is Attack On Titan (now airing on Toonami on Adult Swim Saturday nights at 11:30 EST). As welcome as a huge hit is for anime, this particular show is rather problematic.

As our previous article about it discussed, the show has absolutely glacial pacing, resolves nothing and is just generally not well executed. Yet, everyone I knew went positively nuts over it. People would breathlessly tell me how they had binge-watched the show in days on Hulu, Crunchyroll or Netflix and for the life of me, I just couldn’t imagine why.

But when the announcement came that Titan was to air on…

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