A Beginners’ Guide to TRANSFORMERS Cartoons

You want to watch some Transformers? I’ll show you some Transformers!

Another Castle

Source: MoviePilot.com Source: MoviePilot.com

With Transformers:Age of Extinctionmaking over $300 million dollars worldwide in its opening weekend, a lot of people are interested by everyone’s favorite robots in disguise. Thanks to the DVD reissues done by Shout! Factory and Netflix, it’s never been easier to get into the many Transformers cartoons that have aired over the franchise’s 30 years.

But with so many series to choose from, where do you start? Which one best captures the appeal of the Transformers and is genuinely good in its own right? Well, because I know more about Transformers than most people know about baseball, I’ve ranked them all, so let’s find out!

One note: I’m only counting the cartoons that saw release in America. The many Japanese-exclusive shows that have been made are interesting, but even with recent reissues, they’re still really obscure over here. So sorry, Masterforce fans.

11. Transformers: Generation 2

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