5 Must-See Asian Films on Netflix Instant Queue

Not an article of mine but worth reading.

Another Castle

Source: 4GeeksLikeYou.com Source: 4GeeksLikeYou.com

After Oldboy, Ringu, and pretty much every Jackie Chan film dating back to the early ’80s, Asian cinema has won over audiences worldwide and shown that they mean just as much to the film industry as any American produced fare.

In the technologically advanced age we now live in, cinemaphiles and weekend watchers alike can now take full advantage of films that never could or would have occupied limited Blockbuster shelves. Among the thousands of Netflix Instant titles that exist sit a lesser exposed market of Asian films.

Understandably, the bevy of titles available can sometimes be overwhelming and cumbersome. Fortunately, we have a few we think you’d like.


New World [Korean | 신세계 | 2013]

As the first in a planned trilogy, writer / director Park Hoon-jung tackles the seedy underworld of organized crime through the eyes of undercover officer Ja-sung. After being tasked with infiltrating the biggest…

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