5 Manga Series That Deserve Better Anime

So this went up last night. I’m pretty happy with it but Reddit is supposedly eating it alive. Still, I stand by my opinions here.

Another Castle

Manga and anime fans tend to be spoiled for quality these days. With the huge, immensely profitable otaku audience in both America and Japan demanding it, studios and publishers are more careful than ever to have an anime line-up exactly with the manga it’s adapting. But it wasn’t always that way.

Before the Internet, you sort of had to take what you could get in a page-to-screen translation. Sometimes a story might be condensed, drastically changed or ballooned out past the breaking point. Beloved characters might not be around at all. The visual design could totally ignore the style of the original manga, which would confuse fans. Worst of all, the tone of the original that made the property so hot in the first place could be entirely ignored.

Here, then, are six manga that got turned into anime that had something missing. Like Sailor Moon Crystal, going a…

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