PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE #1 Review: Rocky Start to an Intriguing Crossover

Intriguing and I definitely think the whole idea will be interesting and I hope the crossover will be good. But this first issue left me a little cold.

Another Castle

To say the 2012 film Prometheus was divisive is an understatement. On the one hand, many were excited that Ridley Scott was returning to helm the Alien prequel after basically abandoning the franchise after the 1979 original. On the other, many were angry and annoyed at the involvement of Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof–no stranger to controversy–and what they saw as massive plot holes in the story.

Regardless, the back story Prometheus offered up is now ripe for the picking, adding a whole new era to the Alien mythology. Dark Horse intends to capitalize on that with the new ongoing Prometheus/Alien/Predator crossover, Fire & Stone. The first chapter of the four-issue Prometheus miniseries, also called Fire & Stone, is available now. With beautiful artwork shorted by a script that stumbles for half the issue before righting itself, the crossover kick-off starts a bit shaky.

The Story

Written by Paul…

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