GRAVITY FALLS Season 2, Episode 4 Review: Sock Opera

Looks like I’m doing these regularly now. Lucky for me, this show never stops being great!

Another Castle

The close of the Gravity Falls season premiere, “Scary-Oke,” basically inverted the show’s entire status quo. Grunkle Stan revealed to Dipper and Mabel that he does in fact know about all the supernatural weirdness of the town. In theory, this gives him a more active role in explicitly solving mysteries, rather than being the puppet-master behind some of them (although his crossed fingers as he promises not to hide any more secrets betrays that somewhat).

It’s telling, then, that “Sock Opera” doesn’t even involve Stan in the slightest. He only has a few lines and the first one of them echos throughout the rest of the episode. Walking in on the rest of the Mystery Shack crew making a variety of sock puppets for Mabel’s latest endeavor, he simply says, “Nope. Not even dealing with this.” It’s a deadpan joke, yeah, but it effectively says that Stan, usually a instigator…

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