The 5 Biggest Announcements From New York Comic Con

I know I didn’t cover EVERY announcement NYCC made but I hit the big stuff, so that’s okay with me. Also, holy crap, I’ll be able to finally get Turn A Gundam!!!

Another Castle

In just eight years, New York Comic Con has already become one of the biggest cons on the circuit, becoming just as vital for fandoms of all kinds to attend/pay attention to as much as Comic-Con International. Publishers and companies are noticing this, too, saving whatever big announcements or projects they didn’t announce in San Diego at NYCC. With the con officially wrapped up, these are the five biggest announcements we saw that got us excited.

Gundam Is Coming Back to America In A Big Way

Probably the biggest anime franchise that failed to catch on in America during the ’90s anime boom is Gundam. The franchise–a multiverse of shows revolving around teenagers piloting giant mech suits called Gundams in combat, for the uninitiated–is so embedded in Japanese culture that there’s even a 1:1 scale statue of the main Gundam from the original 1970s series, Mobile Suit Gundam (

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