MEMETIC #1 Review: A Truly Modern Horror Comic

A new comic from BOOM! Studios that’s a little like Stephen King’s Cell but more credible. It’s fun

Another Castle

With the genre kicked off of its pedestal in the ’50s with the twin menaces of Frederick Wertham and the Comics Code Authority, horror in comics has taken a backseat over the decades, resulting in a niche corner of the market that either transcends the genre altogether or becomes a perfect example of it. The mainstream comics market being what it is, sadly, it seemed like this cycle was doomed to repeat itself.

But in recent years, the disciples of Stephen King have begun working in comics, and they’ve produced some great results. Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire, Wytches) is the obvious frontrunner, but there are several others and James Tynion IV is at the top. A close collaborator of Snyder’s who’s logged time on both Talon and currently co-writing the weekly series Batman: Eternal, Tynion has lately branched out on his own with Boom!, writing an acclaimed…

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