GRAVITY FALLS Season 2, Episode 7 Review: Society of the Blind Eye

And of course this show is still good. When isn’t it?

Another Castle

At this point, the Gravity Falls episode progression is pretty easy to guess. Either the new episode will be heavily mythology based, either delving into the ongoing story arc of the season or expanding the overall series mythology, or a highly entertaining one-off episode. “Little Gift Shop of Horrors” was the latter, while “Society of the Blind Eye” is definitely the former.

Come to think of it, this is probably the deepest Alex Hirsch & co. have delved into the mythos yet. A whole new layer of mystery is unearthed and quickly uncovered, some major character revelations are made, and callback after callback is given in an episode that, if not the funniest the show has been, then certainly the most exciting.

The Plot

Lazy Susan (Jennifer Coolidge) locks up her diner late at night and is walking home alone. Suddenly, she sees Jeff (Alex Hirsch) and 3 other gnomes…

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