Really happy I’m allowed to talk about this book now because it’s terrific.

Another Castle

One of the oddest things longtime comics readers noted about DC’s New 52 when it began was the prominence of Jeff Lemire. Best known for his acclaimed autobiographical work like Essex County and his Vertigo series Sweet Tooth, Lemire has been a steady writing presence all across DC these last few years, ranging from writing a new volume of Animal Man to taking up Green Arrow. While it seemed odd at the time, Lemire’s writing work has been critically acclaimed by comics fans and press; he’ll be taking over Marvel’s vaunted Hawkeye title next year.

But before he leaves DC behind, Lemire steps into the publisher’s Earth One line–a line of self-contained original graphic novels–to redefine the origin of comics’ oldest teenaged super-team, the Teen Titans. With the illustrative help of the always astonishing Terry & Rachael Dodson, he’s crafted a book that is a really…

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