History on Film: New Series Introduction

Okay wow did not mean to have let this sit so fallow for so long. Big catchup post from me soon. In the meantime, check this out

The Tiger Manifesto

Sadly, I won't be getting to this film anytime soon. Sadly, I won’t be getting to this film anytime soon.

My amateur interest in film my professional interest in history work well together since Marxism forms the underlying foundations of my thought on both. Still, I tend to keep them separate because they have different goals, different means of understanding, and different subjects. This new series of posts is designed to get these two interests into a conversation. This does not mean evaluation films on the basis of their fidelity to historical sources or scholarly interpretation. That method betrays the specific way that movies construct meaning and should be criticized. Rather, I’m interested in what uses history has for filmmakers in telling stories.

To understand better, imagine that history was a character in the films I’ll be addressing. That character plays a larger or lesser role and that role has a different substance in each film. Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor 

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