GRAVITY FALLS Season 2, Episode 8 Review: ‘Blendin’s Game’

Another gem, and a lot funnier (at least for me) than the last episode was. Great stuff.

Another Castle

Probably the least-explored aspect of the Gravity Falls mythos has been the far future. It really only appeared in ‘The Time Traveler’s Pig,’ but since that episode was more focused on Dipper trying to win Wendy’s affection and Mabel bonding with the Internet’s favorite pig, Waddles, Blendin Blandin and his bizarre, dystopic, Time Baby-ruled future was pushed to the background.

In ‘Blendin’s Game,’ while it’s still secondary to the main plot–and what a heartrending main plot it is–the year of 207̃012 in all its weirdness gets highlighted a lot more, with Blendin coming back as a maniacal, yet sympathetic villain. It’s another neat area for the series to take things to, but the show still focuses this episode around one of its core characters: Soos. The world’s greatest handyman and all-around cool dude gets his back story fleshed out tonight, and it’s some very touching stuff, hitting some sweet emotional…

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