ANIPLEX at YOUMACON: So Many Shows, So Little Time

A writeup of Aniplex’s oresentation panel at Youmacon. This should have been up WAY earlier than it is, but that’s all my fault. Anyway…

Another Castle

While Youmacon, which celebrated its tenth anniversary of being Michigan’s premiere anime convention this year, isn’t as large as Anime Expo or Anime Central, it still has its fair share of notable guests and panels. The only American licensor to attend this year was Aniplex of America, but they came prepared, showing off their streaming shows and upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD releases and merchandise to a large crowd on Saturday, November 1, in an hour and a half presentation hosted by marketing director Joanna Matoki, a variety of shows and genres were covered.

Streaming Content

First, Matoki discussed the current crop of shows Aniplex has licensed from its Japanese parent company of the same name that are streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Daisuki, and the licensor’s own Aniplex Channel. For each show in this portion of the presentation, a trailer was shown.

The current crop of shows streaming in the…

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