First DORAEMON Volume in Eight Years to be Published

Another Castle

Anime News Network reports that the 6th volume of Doraemon Plus, containing 21 new adventures, will publish on December 1st from Tentōmushi Comics. This is the first volume of new Doraemon manga in eight years and marks series creator Fujiko F. Fujio’s 80th birthday.

Fujiko F. Fujio (real name: Hiroshi Fujimoto) died in 1996. Working with Motoo Abiko from 1959-1987 under the pen name of Fujiko Fujio, he created a wide variety of manga. Doraemon, a comedy manga about the titular robotic cat who’s sent back in time to take care of Nobita Nobi, his owner’s present-day ancestor, was first created in 1969. The series has spawned a huge franchise, with Doraemon considered a Japanese cultural icon.

There have been three Doraemon anime, with the most recent beginning in 2005. An edited dub of select episodes of the current anime began airing on Disney XD in Summer 2014.


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