Another Castle

Channel Awesome, the online production company behind hit web series like The Nostalgia Critic and Atop The Fourth Wall, unveiled a newly designed website called Channel Awesome on December 2, 2014. This replaces the company’s former primary website, That Guy With The Glasses.

Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug, the star and producer of Atop The Fourth Wall, explained and defended the reasons for constructing the new website on his Tumblr page. “It’s been long overdue,” he said, citing that one problem with was the fact that the site’s name and design emphasized Doug Walker–creator of The Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and several other series for the site–at the expense of the site’s legion of other producers, like Brad Jones (Cinema Snob) and Mathew Buck (Bad Movie Beatdown, Projector). is still up for the time being. But, Buck explained on Twitter

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