The Monster Alphabet–Book Review

The Monster Alphabet

I received this image of a Faerie as a postcard, which is why you’re seeing it.

The Monster Alphabet is a 26-page board book by Derron Gendron & Obsidian Abnormal, the team behind the very funny webcomic Hello With Cheese, which I will talk about in a future Webcomics You Should Be Reading post. Yeah, it’s an alphabet board book for little kids, but with each letter represented by a different mythological creature. B is for Basilisk, F is for Faerie and so on. It’s a wonderful little book that includes a neat rhyme, facts about the creatures and a great illustration on each page.

My friend turned me on to Dern & O, as they’re known, a couple years ago, and they’re probably my favorite webcomics team out there. Dern’s jokes–and blog posts–are always entertaining and funny while O’s art, as you can see above (as well as his own webcomic Commissioned), is a great thing to behold.

I actually contributed to the book’s making through its Kickstarter page, chipping in at the $12 level, which not only got me the above image as a postcard, but also…

The physical book itself



A slipcase, which I didn’t even know it would have until it came in the mail.

This really sweet and wonderful poster; sorry for the crappy shot

There’s also a bookmark of 2 images from the book–which I’ll add here at some point–as well as a PDF of the book that I got a month or so after the Kickstarter wrapped.

All this sweet, geeky fun for $12? Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. See you Wednesday!