Something You Should Pre-Order

I’ve never really pre-ordered things really. I’ve always been a “Wait till release” kinda guy. Don’t know why; it’s just easier, I guess. For example, I never reserved a copy of any of the Harry Potter books.

In the past year, though, that’s changed. I’ve preordered Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean At The End of The Lane, Django Unchained, and most recently, Gene Luan Yang’s new book, Boxers and Saints. But now, something is coming out that I simply know I have to pre-order no matter what.

On October 15–as reported by Comics Alliance today–Disney’s wonderful, hilarious and occasionally scary animated series, Gravity Falls will be released on DVD. I’ve written about how much I love the show before, but really, it’s terrific and well-worth your time. Look it up.

This DVD won’t have much other than six episodes, a replica of one of the journals from the show, and a poster map of the titular town, but Im ordering it anyway.

Why? Because with home video companies, particularly with Disney, dollars determine output. The reason all of Darkwing Duck and DuckTales aren’t on DVD is because not enough people bought the initial sets. And with Disney’s notorious habit of taking years to release or re-release certain things on DVD, who knows when they’ll release it again?

People, if you love this show like I do, buy this. If you like Disney and like when they get offbeat, buy this. If you enjoy good, clever, and creative animation and want to see it succeed, buy it.

That’s it really. Go buy it.